Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Have Returned!

Hey everyone!

Gosh it has been FOREVER (Ok, so it's really been just over 2 weeks.) since I updated this blog! So much has happened during these two weeks. I've been SUPER busy with school. Finals are rapidly approaching and I'm uber worried about my SOS 207 and CI 102 grades.

April 17th was my 21st birthday! Yes, that's right, it's now perfectly legal for me to purchase alcoholic beverages! Which is fantastic! On my birthday I tried something called a Cherry Lifesaver. It is my new favorite thing EVER.

I finally got around to watching all of the Britney tour online. Once I was 100% sure I wasn't going to get to see it live I just had to watch it. My opinion? I LOVED it. It's my favorite of all her tours. I do not like that she doesn't interact with the audience a bit more, but besides that I don't have complaints. She looks as good as ever and seems to enjoy herself when on stage. (Well most of the time. Can we talk about the "smoking incident' in Vancouver?" Haha.)

Other Britney related stuff: Whats the next single gonna be? I'm super hardcore wanting it to be Unusual You. Also, her website just showcased this new mens Britney Spears Womanizer t-shirt and I want it SO bad. Too bad I'm a broke college student.

I've been keeping up with American Idol. I have decided that I'm in LOVE with Adam Lambert and want to adopt babies with him. This presents a problem because I also recently discovered Mika and I also love and want babies with him. Do you suppose they'd go for a like... love triangle type thing?

... Oh. I didn't think so either :(

Anyway, there's probably more that I could tell you, in fact I know there is. I haven't even got started about Gay Pride Week or Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. I'll save those exclusively for YouTube Vlogs.

Thanks for reading guys!

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