Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Hi guys!

Ok so, yesterday, it snowed! And lots! I LOVE the snow. I could never live somewhere with no snow, I'd go crazy! The snow got me thinking about how it's getting really close to Christmas time, so I went online and made up my wishlist and sent it zipping off to my parents. I asked for clothes, and nothing else. I love the fact that asking for clothes isn't as dangerous as it could be due to the wonderfulness of the internet. Instead of being scared that my mom will pick horrible things to give me I now take comfort in the fact that I sent her a list of the exact items I want, they're already size, and all she has to do it click and pay!

On a completely unrelated note, I have recently found the Luke and Noah "As The World Turns" videos on YouTube and am addicted I think. However, they have reminded me of the all the things I hate about Soap Operas. The most serious of which being the way they change the actor who plays a character with no warning, especially when they're replacement sucks!

I'm going to go watch Desperate Housewives now (don't even get me started, I'm LOVING the story line they've got going on.) and I'm making a new YouTube video after. I have finals at the end of the week, not looking forward to that, and then next week it's return to Dialup.

Yay December!

Peace Out!

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