Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I have a final in 45 minutes that I really do not feel prepared for, but I need a quick study break so I'm writing this.

Directly after my final tonight I will be loading my things to the car and heading home to stay with my parents for the duration of winter break from school. I will not like it much, It will be great to see my family but I am from the most boring place on Earth. Seriously, if you are currently thinking "No, I live in the most boring place" just imagine that where you live could get 100 times more boring and you have my hometown.

The internet where I live is dialup (Because it's not possible to get anything else there) so I will have to go a whole three weeks (or a bit more) without watching any videos on YouTube. It is going to SUCK. I will be posting one video a week (I promise.)

Ok thats all for now, just letting you know whats going on.

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