Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh Eww.

Ok so, today another promotion picture of Britney Spears surfaced and I don't like it.  And if you know me and how much I love Britney, then you know that me not liking it is weird lol.  Have a look for yourself:

I really love the outfit, but to me her face looks photoshopped or something. And badly, or WAYYY too much.  Opinions?

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hayley=) said...

Eww... thats a horrible pic of her! She is so beautiful and you cant even tell bc her face has been morphed into that of a drag queen posing as Britney! Its horrible!
I am also a Britney fan! I will be seeing her live for the 3rd time while she is on the Circus tour! Even when she was crazy I just couldnt get enough of her! She casn do no wrong and she always has something bigger and better in store!