Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold Much?!

God it was cold outside today. Of course, me being me, I spent a very large portion of the day outside. I walked from Pullman Square to the Cook Eye Center with my friend Kirstin. I waited in the waiting room while she had her appointment. You can meet some pretty interesting people in waiting rooms.

I kept hoping some cute guy would come in and sit near me or something, sparks would fly, and we'd have this whirlwind romance. I know, very unrealistic of me. I was having one of those days. Instead I got to meet two very old ladies, they were nice ladies, but I still would have liked my cute guy. (Preferably a sexy nerd type guy with nice glasses.)

Anyway, besides that I went to Starbucks today, twice. (I know, shame on me, but like I said, it was COLD.) I also went to see 'My Bloody Valentine' in 3D. It wasn't a very good movie, but the 3D elements made it worth the money. To hear more about that check out my latest YouTube video.

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