Saturday, January 24, 2009

Held Hostage By My Television

Last week I decided I was going to rent the first three disks of Season 1 of 'Queer as Folk' from Netflix. I made this decision based on some of the Netflix reviews and the fact that the show is filled with attractive men. I watched the first episode and liked it, but no more than any other TV show.

Then, episode 3 happened.

Spoiler Alert: Read no farther if you ever plan on watching Queer as Folk.

There's a scene in episode 3 in which Justin (a cute blonde boy) is trying to get Brian (sexy, but brutally honest) to notice him. They had already had very good sex in the first two episodes, but Brian is the type of guy who sleeps with a person once, then moves onto someone new. Anyway, Brian is on the dance floor dancing with not one, but TWO hunks and isn't giving Justin another thought. Justin is standing up on this platform type thing with his friend Daphne, who makes the comments "Is he gonna do it with BOTH of them?" Just responds with "He can do anything he wants." Justin then walks down the stairs, removes his shirt, and makes his way onto the dance floor. (All the time 'Lets Hear it for the Boy' is playing in the background.)
There's also a large amount of glitter flying. Anyway, Justin ends up getting Brian, and it was awesome! Why am I even typing all this, here's a video clip. Just skip through to 1:20 and ignore the scene where Ted is about to go into a coma.

Anyway, that scene got me hooked. I was then held hostage by my television for the rest of disks 1-3. (Thats 11 episodes) and couldn't wait the two days till the next disks arrived. (I'm not completely crazy, I left my room to eat, shower, and go to the movies with my friends.)

The show gets better as it goes. Brian and Justin have lots more things happen (because Brian can't seem to commit to anything, let alone a relationship) But at the end of Season 1 Brian goes to Justins prom with him (Did I mention that Justin was only 17 when they met, and Brians 28?) and then Justin gets bashed in the skull by a homo-hating idiot. (Who happened to let Justin give him a hand job earlier in the season) The show then ends with Brian sobbing (which is a big deal, he never cries.) in the waiting room.

I can't wait for season 2 now, but Its probably good that it'll have to wait till Wednesday (because Netfix is exchanged through the mail which does not run on Sunday, which throws stuff off) because I have homework to do this weekend.

Anyway, check the show out, it rocks.

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