Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Road Trip!

Ok so, tonight I went on a road trip to Point Pleasant West Virginia. Now, granted, its not a long drive at all, but it totally still counts. A few friends and myself got really bored and decided to go see the Mothman statue and the Silver Bridge. The ride there was really fun, we stopped at Wendys and got some food, and listened to music the whole way there.

When we got there we were looking around for the statue, we almost missed it, but got lucky when Millie saw it. We parked the car, got out, took some pictures with the statue (it's 12 feet tall and John asked it to marry him), looked around the town a bit, then got back in the car to head home. On the way back we drove across the Silver Bridge. I took some footage for YouTube, but my camera ate some of it and the rest is too dark, maybe I'll put some of it in as extra stuff after my next video.

Overall I had a great time. My friends are crazy and I love spending time with them. Here are some pictures, enjoy! (They're a bit large, so if you want to see the whole thing just click on the photo.)

This is Adriene, Millie, John, and Vanessa standing around the statue:

This is Me, Millie, and John standing around it.

This one is Me, Millie, John, and Vanessa somewhere (I'm not sure where) in the town.

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