Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Yesterday the book I've been waiting for FINALLY came in the mail. I was super excited (I'd been waiting to get my hands on this book for almost a month. The local bookstore didn't have it.) Anyway, I dragged myself through my classes and finally got to sit down and read it yesterday night. I finished the whole book. I kept telling myself to stop reading it so the experience would last, but that didn't work out. Ok so here are my SPOILER FREE thoughts.

The book is called 'Hero' and it's written by Perry Moore. Actually, before I start talking about the book let me talk about the author. He's kind of attractive, not like my ideal man or anything, but def. easy on the eyes. His name kind of annoys me, he's one of those "I have two last names" people, and that always bugs me for some reason. His boyfriends name is Hunter Hill, which I love. I've always wanted to date someone whose first and last names started with the same letter. Anyway, on to the book.

It was great. Who knew that all you had to do to get me interested in Super Heroes was to make one gay and have him as the main character. I loved the book, but I did have some issues with it. It was a bit predictable in a coupe places, and parts of it left me a tiny bit confused. Even with these parts I enjoyed the book. Perry Moore definitely referenced a lot of popular super heroes. Wonder Woman and Super Man were the two who he featured prominently(not the characters themselves, but characters who definitely were inspired by them.)

Yeah, I'd recommend this book to anyone. Loved it.

I actually went back to the bookstore today and bought another book. "Promises in Death" by JD Robb. If you haven't read the "In Death" series and you like cop books then you should go buy the first couple immediately.

I'm only 28 pages into this book and I can already tell that it's going to be one of my favorites. The emotions in the first 30 pages are written really well I think. (I've already cried once, go me.) Also, JD Robb (aka Nora Roberts) has introduced a new character (Ty Clipper) and he's gay! I REALLY REALLY hope he doesn't turn out to be the murderer because that would suck. Thus far there have been a few gay characters in the In Death series, but none of them have had reoccurring roles. They were around for one book, and then gone. Since Ty Clipper works in the police department with the rest of the characters who show up on a regular basis there's a chance he could be in future books if it doesn't turn out that he's the killer. (So far nothing points to it being him, but like I said, I'm barely 30 pages in.)

Ok yeah, so I decided to day would be a day for blogging about books.

Thanks for reading!

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