Friday, March 13, 2009

If U Seek Amy Video

Ok so, I really like it. Admittedly I was a bit underwhelmed the first time I watched it. I was expecting something over the top or whatever and that's not what I got.

I think she looks completely stunning in this video, and I have now decided that I love those shoes (I was on the fence up till now) and I like the dance moves.

I absolutely LOVE how they stick it to that lady from FOX News with the reporter woman in the video. It made me laugh.

Seeing Britney as the housewife and the way she moves and acts after changing her clothes with the pie and all, it makes me wish she'd go do an episode of Desperate Housewives. (Which I love btw)

Anyway, so after watching the video through a few (hundred) times I have decided that, even though It's not what I was expecting, I do really like it. I love the concept that she's two totally different when she's people behind closed doors when she's in the public eye.

I don't think that's shes saying "I'm a big slut who likes a good orgy when no ones looking" though.

I think the point is simply that what you see isn't always what you get?

EDIT: Ok, finally getting around to embedding this video.

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