Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Britney Freaking Spears.

Today was FILLED with lots of Britney news. Her tour kicks off in New Orleans tomorrow and it's going to be freaking EPIC. Today Team Britney announced that Britney would be the official Candies spokesgirl for 2009. Along with this announcement was a 40 second video that contained some behind the scenes stuff that gave fans their first look at the Circus tour.

A few hours later Candies.com gave put up an extended version of that 40 second video which was 2 minutes long. In this 2 minutes you get to see Britney's Costumes and various set pieces from the Circus tour. Judging by the video this tour is going to rock. Seriously! I want to go so bad. Below is the full 2 minute tour preview and a video in which I give my reaction to it.

Along with this the opening video for the tour also leaked. The sound was not included (as far as I can tell) but Britney definitely shoots Perez Hilton with a crossbow. It made me happy, I hate Perez and was not glad when I heard he would be part of the tour. It was fun to see her take him down.

Along with all of this we also got to see some of the merchandise that will be included with the VIP tickets. There was this cool looking bag and some pins and a key chain.

Yeah, so today was Britneytastic. Tomorrow the tour actually kicks off and it's going to be soooo exciting.

Still no word on when they will premiere the 'If U Seek Amy' video.

Until Tomorrow!

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