Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Ok so it looks like someone has flooded the bathroom on my side of the building. The carpet outside the door is all soggy and wet. I think (and hope) that the shower was the source of the flood.

The good part of this mess is that it also looks like the water managed to seep into the room thats four doors down from me. Now you probalby think that I'm mean because of this statement, but I am not. The guy who lives in that room is always playing his music really loudly, and it annoys me. It's not even good music. Rap. I don't like rap. Anyway, so yay for floods.

Another downside of this situation would be the very loud carpet drying fan they now have placed in the hallway. I am playing music in order to distract myself from the fans constant humming.

My favorite song (for tonight) is 'Cry' by Kelly Clarkson. I feel kind of bad for listening to it, since it's a leak. I make myself feel better by thinking about the fact that I'm buying album the day it comes out. I must have it!

Wow, all of this was pretty pointless.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about my friend Algernon. With video!

Till then, thanks for reading!


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