Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Hate Tatiana del Toro.

I missed my English class today. It's not my fault though, I blame the stupid storm and the internet, which distracted me and made me forget that I had a class to go to.

This day started off wonderfully. I let myself sleep till 1 o'clock. (pm that is) I dragged myself out of bed and decided to see what the weather was like. I threw open the curtains and the bind and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was bright and sunny outside. People were wearing shorts, and there were a couple attractive shirtless guys playing Tennis, and a few guys with their shirts on playing some other sport over in the field like area by the tennis courts. I took all of this as a sign that I should wear shorts to class, which I did.

I get to class at 4 o'clock. (The hours between 1 and 4 were spent doing homework, showering, and fixing my hair. My hair looked damned good when I left the room.) I'd been sitting in class for 40 minutes when I noticed that it was beginning to get dark outside. Another twenty minutes pass and it starts to rain, and the wind is blowing VERY hard. At this point the teacher tells us we can leave class (A full hour early) because of the weather. Which was sort of a good thing. However, on the walk back to the dorms from Jenkins Hall (where my class was) I got soaked, my hair got ruined and it was FREEZING cold rain.

I had dinner with Adriene, John, and Millie, came back to my room and have been here since. (I was supposed to go to English 342 at 6:30 but I forgot and wouldn't have wanted to walk there in that rain anyway.) I watched American Idol.

Oh, what to say about American Idol? I think I hate it. (Not the serious hate, the kind of hate where you say you hate something but you don't mean it, you're just mad because things didn't go the way you wanted them to.) The very beginning of the show was good. The guy named Von Smith got through. I was glad, I've been a fan of his since his audition when he sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." The gladness ended there. My second favorite from this season (so far) was Cody Sheldon, he had to sing off with a friend of his and go cut. SERIOUSLY? I will miss him. I hear they're doing wild cards again this season, so I hope he gets brought back. Is that possible though? I can't remember how the wild card works. Anyway, moving on. This show was 2 hours long, and it was just 2 hours of people walking in to see the judges and find out if they make it into the top 36. During this time Guy Whose Wife Died makes it in, but his best friend does not. Blind guy gets in as well, which made me happy.
They let that Norman Gentle guy through. That's going to be interesting.

Anyway, as all of this is going on, I just want to know whats going to happen with Tatiana del Toro (or as I like to call her Tatiana del Annoying Bitch). Turns out, they save her for one of the last people. As soon as its her turn and she walks into the judges room and lets out one of her Squeals I realize, once again, how much I hate her. Seriously, she makes me want to throw things or eat my own face. (What? I know that doesn't sound possible, but she's so annoying I want to find a way) Anway, she squeals and manages to get free Jewlery designed by Paula and SURPRISE she makes it through to the top 36. I swear, if she gets any farther I'll scream or something.

So now for the next 3 weeks the top 36 will preform in groups of 12. At the end of this episode they showed the 12 that we'll be seeing next week and Tatiana del Annoying Bitch is one of them. Hopefully she wont make it any farther. During her scene at the end (they had all the contestants dancing to "When I Grow Up") shes wearing this sparkley dress. I REALLY HATE HER.

So Idol went off and I cleaned my room. It looks nice in here again, hopefully it'll last a few weeks this time.

Now it's almost 2am and I'm not even tired. Go me.

Anyway, that's all for tonight.


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