Friday, February 6, 2009

Such A Nice Day

It was SO nice outside today. Beautiful ...

Ok so actually, it was kinda slushish and there were lots of icky puddles and it was a tiny bit chilly but compared to the last couple weeks today was Paradise!

It was so nice outside I even left my room and went for a walk to Pullman Square with Adriene. I wanted to go get this book called 'Hero' which the bookstore, of course, did not have, but the walk was nice. I also got to go to Starbucks and get my fix which ROCKED.

Besides that I've been reading some blogs today, you should go and check out this Boy Culture blog thing, click here!

I thought it was a funny idea lol.

Anyway, just a little update since the day was so pretty!


PS: How would you feel if your booty ended up on someones blog?

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