Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Day!

Oh look! It's 1:37am as I begin to write this and guess what, I'm bored!

The day got off to a bad start! I over slept and didn't get to go to this service project thing I wanted to. It wasn't my fault though, my phone died and the alarm didn't go off. (So it was my fault for not making sure the charger was plugged in before I went to sleep, but lets not get picky.)

My evening started by going to a very hurried dinner with Adriene and Kirstin. Kirstin and I wanted to take the bus to Pullman, but apparently it ran early and we missed it. Which made us decide to see a later (and more expensive) showing of the movie we wanted to see. The only positive thing that came from all of this was that we got to sit at the bus stop and enjoy watching many attractive men walk by. This, of course, made us spend many minutes arguing over whether the guys we were checking out were gay or straight.

This section contains spoilers about the movie Coraline
Tonight was fun, it was actually so warm outside that I didn't even need to wear a jacket on the walk to Pullman. Kirstin and I went to watch 'Coraline' which as an amazing movie! I think Dakota Fanning did a good job with the voice acting, and so did Terri Hatcher. The movie itself was CREEPY! I'm not so sure that every part of it was kid friendly (especially the part with the woman with HUGE breasts being topless with nothing but some sparkly things on her nipples bouncing around.) The 3D aspects of the movies made is SO fun. It was a stunning movie in terms of the visuals.
Spoilers have ended

After the movie we went to Starbucks where the line was LONG. The tiny Starbucks was completely crowded, but we managed to get our drinks quick enough. Then we decided that since it was so nice out we'd walk instead of taking the bus. Some annoying children (whose parents were MIA) actually said "Can I have a drink of that" as we walked by them. We didn't respond, so they threw ice at us. Kids are annoying.

Speaking of kids, the movie theater was FULL of them. (That's what you get when you see an animated 3D movie) and it was so cute! When the 3D parts would happen they'd get all excited. At one point the cat killed this evil mouse/rat thing and one of the kids who didn't understand it was evil was said "Why did he do that dad?" in this cute whisper that was more like a yell. It was way too sweet to be annoying.

Well, we made it back to Campus without further incident and I've been settled in here since. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a very boring day.


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